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how do you know if you gotten enough calories a day? how often do you shop? what do you buy?

Hey odyssey2fit !! I know that I’ve gotten enough calories in a day if I don’t crave cooked carbs! I can just tell by how hungry I am by dinner. If I’m ravenous and I’m eyeing vegan desserts I know that I haven’t had enough fruit for the day. I shop sporadically lol if Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale or if I happen to be out on a weekend and there’s thrift stores around, I will totally pick a few items up. As far as grocery stores or co-ops/farmers markets, I am always shopping for fruit! hahah i buy lots of bananas,  veggies, and sweet fruit that is in season. Thanks for stopping by the page love! 

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The power of MANGOS


Mango Mango Mango! Oh wow! Today’s monomeal of mangoes really rocked my world! They were so good that I began researching the health benefits of mangoes and what I found was really cool! Check out the health benefits of these yellow sexy wonders and just realize hat all the vitamins you need are in nature. There is no need for supplements when you can eat an abundance of fruits and veggies that contain readily absorbed nutrients. Here are the main vitamins you can find in mangos: vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, natural sugars, fiber, a little bit of iron, and little bit of calcium. One of the main things that you will realize wen you eat mangoes in their ripe state is that they are very hydrating, juicy, and such a treat

∆ Vitamin A:

1. supports vision | immune response + inflammatory process in the stomach

2. supports cell growth and development

3. essential for reproductive processes 

∆  Vitamin C: 

1. protects against free radicals

2. produces collagen

3. supports a happy mood by making serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain.

∆ Potassium: Great for blood pressure control Improves kidney function Promotes the opening of blood vessels Reduces blood clotting The fiber in mangoes has amazing benefits for the assimilation and process of the actual fruit. Fiber 1 supplements ain’t got nothing on the natural fibers in mangoes. All those amazing enzymes are like heaven for your gut!

For more information on mangoes check out these sources: http://www.mango.org/mango-fun-facts http://www.mangomaven.com

Love Live & Eat Mangoes! 😁

xx raw scout xx 

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