therawscout in AUSTRALIA!!

It’s been a looooong hiatus folks!  Please know that I am still over on Instagram showing lots of raw foodie love @therawscout and I haven’t abandoned you guys, I’ve been working my tail off for an amazing opportunity that has finally come to fruition…. IM MOVING TO AUSTRALIA…. THIS MONTH! My dream of teaching abroad has finally come true! I’m looking forward to the foodie magic and simply all the amazing children I will come into contact with along the journey of being a teacher! All of you who have shown me love, please continue to keep me in your thoughts! I am asking for small donations to make living there as a first time traveler as less complicated as possible. Check out my gofundme and prepare to come on a journey along with me soon! 

link to gofundme:

xx hugs and love!


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how do you know if you gotten enough calories a day? how often do you shop? what do you buy?

Hey odyssey2fit !! I know that I’ve gotten enough calories in a day if I don’t crave cooked carbs! I can just tell by how hungry I am by dinner. If I’m ravenous and I’m eyeing vegan desserts I know that I haven’t had enough fruit for the day. I shop sporadically lol if Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale or if I happen to be out on a weekend and there’s thrift stores around, I will totally pick a few items up. As far as grocery stores or co-ops/farmers markets, I am always shopping for fruit! hahah i buy lots of bananas,  veggies, and sweet fruit that is in season. Thanks for stopping by the page love! 

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