Before I started doing my yoga practice on the regular, something always seemed to stop me from just getting my mat and practicing. That something was myself - I would always use the excuse of “I need a gym membership,” or some other ridiculous “explanation.” Once we start incorporating yoga into our daily lives, it becomes a mindful and moving meditation that lingers. Getting the  mind to connect with body, muscles, and breath are all part of our spiritual process.

 with YOGA & MEDITATION being my two favorite spiritual practices, utilizing free resources around me has proven effective. 

* YouTube - if you have On-Demand for Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube use it to find exercise videos! 

* Check out spiritvoyage.com’s YouTube channel! 

*yogadownload.com - for a few bucks you can download yoga videos of various types and take them wherever you go; (vacation, work, home, etc.) 

* Rent some yoga videos & books from the library -  FREE FREE FREE

* Practice everyday! Get outdoors and do some warrior I & II poses in the sun! Nature is an amazing backdrop for the mind, body, & soul :) 

Be inspired & motivate yourself to JUST DO IT!

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