Dimensional Shifting: 

This past week has been am amazing time for the planet. So many things are changing; people are heightening their vibrations and letting go of 3rd dimensional thinking, mother earth is changing everyday! I’ve noticed that since the Venus Transit, many of my habits have changed. I feel like I am getting closer and closer to nature. My connection with flowers and plants have heightened to the point of pure bliss whenever I see them. I feel a strong urge to surround myself with wild flowers and roses everyday. 

It’s as if the 5th dimensional magnet is putting energy out and I am internalizing it. My mind and body feel as if it is in a disorientation. I’ve been noticing many subtle changes in aches and pains in my body including the ability to see things differently and sense the unseen. Overall, I completely feel this dimensional shift. My third eye is beaming right now! Most of all my fearlessness is getting stronger by the day! Jamaica cool all the way! I happened to see a friend over the weekend and she said I looked like I had just came from vacation. #earth #air #water #fire #tuned_in 

Let us all continue to soak in the pure essence of #life & #nature. 

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