//Fertile Months Ahead! 

Fertility seems to be all the craze these days! What woman doesn’t eventually want a brood of babies following her around or (tugging her pant legs and asking for animal crackers). Having been around the sun 27 xs (yes that makes me 27 years YOUNG), I can definitely feel my soon-to-be family getting closer and closer. In these modern times, it seems like so many women are  taking pills and getting their bodies poked and prodded on to determine if they are in fact fertile. I prefer meditating on the thought and smell of my future child. Meditation not only prepares you mentally to clear out all that static, it is extremely useful in truly seeing the subtle, yet BEAUTIFUL awareness of self and life. To all the women out there, I wish you very fertile months ahead! May we all cultivate our minds and bodies to bring in a new generation of leaders, learners, and nature lovers! 

PEACE & ♥ 

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